What is Nano?
Nano is a cryptocurrency that is focused on fast, free and instant transactions. It is worldwide, ran by people and is one of the most environmentally friendly currencies to ever exist. Anyone can participate in securing the network by running a nano node. Learn more about Nano here.
What are the requirements for a subdomain?
  • You must have a Nano node.
  • You must have up-time of 95% or higher (click here to check).
  • You must have been running the node for at least 3 months.
  • You must have an IP (IPv4).
  • You must have a Reddit account.
How do I get a 247node.com subdomain?

Click here

or direct message me here.

Does the subdomain come with SSL?
Yes. We provide SSL encryption (https) between a visitor and Cloudflare which helps users maintain a secure connection to your server (read more here). This is the easiest to implement as it doesn’t require you to install anything on your server and still provides a good level of security.
How do I get a 247node.org subdomain and what’s the difference?

247node.org subdomains are given to nodes using full server side SSL. Unfortunately the level of flexibility I have inside Cloudflare prevents me from serving both currently encrypted and encrypted nodes together (read more) on the same domain. Therefore to bypass this limitation, the 247node.org domain was created. 247node.com domains are  given to those who don’t have the server side SSL and since this made the majority, this is the logic behind the decision.

How do I check what subdomains are available?

Type in ‘something.247node.com’ and if it doesn’t take you to a node, then it is available.

For example Finland.247node.com is taken.

But Testing.247node.com is available.

Will you take my subdomain off me?

As long as you keep the node online, maintained and above 95% up-time the redirect link will work. There may be exceptional circumstance where I do remove a subdomain, but this will be rare.

Does this make Nano more centralized?
No. We don’t affect the nano network since all we are providing is a subdomain. This is in no way connected to the underlying nano network, and so will have no affect on the actual network.
Can I change my subdomain? If so how?

Yes, but I will only allow this twice per year. Just direct message me here.

Why do you run this service?

I believe in Nano and want to help people reduce the costs of a node. This will allow more people to afford a node and further decentralize & secure the network. The money saved could be invested in better node hardware to improve nano network performance or ease financial pressures.

Is it really free?

Yes, all subdomains we offer are 100% free.

Can I claim multiple subdomains?

Yes, but there is a maximum of 2 subdomains per person.

It is in the best interest of the network that each person only runs 1 node. This is to help truly decentralize the voting power between people.

Am I allowed a subdomain that is already being used?

No, not unless the node is offline and under 80% up-time. If you want to claim one of these, please contact me here.

If I own a country 247node.com subdomain and I change the country my node is operating in, can I keep my subdomain?

No, the country subdomains of 247node.com are reserved exclusively for nodes in those geographical locations. This is aimed at encouraging people to host in different countries where nodes don’t currently operate.

My country’s subdomain is already take (example Finland.247node.com) what can I do?

You could have 1Finland.247node.com or perhaps name it after the city your node is located, like Helsinki or New York.  You can claim whatever subdomain you want as long as it isn’t already taken. Get creative!

If I change my IP / relocate my server, can you redirect my subdomain to my new IP?

Yes, more than happy to help. Just direct message me here.

Someone has claimed a subdomain for my node without my permission, what can I do?

Contact me at here or my other socials and we will work to resolve the issue.

Found a bug with my site?

Please send me a message here. Cheers!

Not found the answer you were looking for?

Send me a direct message at https://reddit.com/user/HarryHazel